What differences are there between a Real Estate broker and a Mortgage Broker?
A real estate broker simply helps you find a home. Afterwards, the mortgage broker helps you find the financing you require through well known financial institutions, at the lowest possible interest rate.

Why deal with a Mortgage Broker?
Simply because a mortgage broker will help you find the lowest possible interest rate on your mortgage. Something next to impossible to do on your own.

How much do services from a Mortgage Broker cost?
You pay nothing. It is the financial institutions that pay a commission to the mortgage broker.

Can I buy a property without a down payment?
Yes. Some financial institutions will accept to lend you the funds even if you don't have a down payment. Furthermore, you will need initial funds to pay the obligatory notary fees.

Now that interest rates are so low, I would love to refinance my own mortgage, but I have too many debts!
This need not be an issue. I can help you consolidate your debts as long as you have a net value on your house. In this way, you will benefit from a lower interest rate and you will save money by lowering the amount of your payments.

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